September 2018 Deptford X Fringe Art Festival

February 2018 - Art of You - Artizan Gallery

January 2018 - Performance at RCA WIP show - With Robin Dimitre Gosselin

January 2018 - Bloomberg New Contemporaries -Block 336, Brixton, London

December 2017 - Chrom Art Winter Sale - 348 Old Street, London

October 2017 - Tribe Art fair - OXO Bargehouse, London

September 2017 - Apintofscience, Creative reactions - Studio spaces Pennington Street, London

September 2017 - Bloomberg New Contemporaries - BALTIC 39, Newcastle

June 2017 - 10th June - UCL Darwin Lecture Theatre - A Pint Of Science

February 2017, Pay And Display, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

October 2016, Tribe Arts Fair, London

September 2016, New Artist Fair, Trumans Brewery, London

March 2016, Hundred Years Gallery, 'Blind Plural' Group show, London

Febuary 2015, UH Galleries, Exhibition 'Talk Amongst yourselves', Group Show, Hertfordshire

January 2015 Zeitgeist Arts Projects, 'Share and exchange', London

January 2015, Courtyard Arts, Hertford, 'Les Enfant Agité', Group Show, Hertford

June 2014 Hitchin Arts Centre, Group show, Hitchin

March 2013, Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries, Listed as an RBA Scholar, London

March 2012, Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries, Annual Exhibition, London

January 2012, Graphics Plus, St Albans

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