Robbie O'Keeffe

I am a London based artist, primarily a painter. I have exhibited in and around London and Hertfordshire, Including (but not limited to) Zeitgeist Arts Projects, Mall Galleries, Chrome Art (Tribe art fair), Hundred years Gallery, Centrespace and Royal Society of British Artists. In 2013, was awarded as an RBA scholar by Royal society of British artists.

This was one of my first experiences exhibiting in a gallery, which forced me to take a more pro-active approach to painting and exhibiting. After that, I have gone on to exhibit regularly across London and with a growing list of shows around various parts of England. With influences range from the likes of Titian,  Corrot,  Edward Hopper to Patrick Heron and Dali, I studied fine art at University of Hertfordshire, and have carried on making art. My aim is to exhibit as much as possible, allowing us to experience paintings in the physicality rather than scrolling past it via the digital format.

My current practice is centred around creating small scale paintings which initiate ideas stemming from utilizing life experience, other times painting is explored in a more forethought way using a calculated process involving planning of a piece. I am regularly exhibiting and last year showed with Bloomberg New Conemporaries 2017 in Newcastle, BALTIC 39 which then toured down to London, BLOCK 336 in January 2018. My most reent show was Depford X Fringe Festival, September 2018...


...Be on the lookout for more works and exhibitions soon! 


Thanks for stopping by.




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